Justice Denied-A Note From The Director

Hello. I’m Michael L Miller.  I produce award-winning movies and I’m producing and directing this one with Geri Lynn Weinstein-Matthews, MSW, LICSW, Executive Producer/Producer/Co-Director/MST Advocate

I am also a Vietnam Combat Veteran. I live with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS).  That’s hard enough.  I don’t live with Military Sexual Trauma (MST).  However, a good friend and his family does.

JUSTICE DENIED is his story and the story of all of our active Military and our Veterans who do.

The Military, the VA and the public are finally starting to wake up and become aware of what this blight on our Armed Forces is doing not only to the survivors, but to their families, their communities and our readiness to defend our Country.  They are realizing that the problem must be solved.  Unfortunately efforts so far amount to not much more than band-aid treatment.  We need serious change in the Culture of the Military and civilian oversight.

Women have been courageously speaking up and doing so loudly.  They are getting venues and platforms and audiences to tell their stories.  Now it’s time for the men to join their voices to the effort.

The Department of Defense says that some 19000 cases of sexual assault per year are perpetrated with less than a 20% reporting ratio. By their own numbers, the DoD says half of those are women and half are men.  The incidence of sexual assault among the female population is higher but the numbers are roughly even.  That’s because there are more men than women in the military.

“But wait”, you say.  “Men in the Military don’t get raped.

Well, yes they do! And it’s time to hear from them.

JUSTICE DENIED will tell what happens when an incident occurs and when it’s ( or not) reported and will set up a solution to make it safer for victims to come forward and report these crimes.  We’ll look at the Culture of the Military to see why it’s not safe to report occurrences now.

As I write this, Congress has a bill the `Sexual Assault Training Oversight and Prevention Act’ or the `STOP Act’ (HR3435) sponsored by Representative Jackie Speier (D)CA, and over a hundred other Congressional delegates stalled in committee.  It sets up a joint commission with both Military and civilian representatives charged with investigating all reports of Military Sexual Assault and takes it out of the hands of the command structure.

Our whole goal with this movie is to lend the men’s voices and experiences to the effort to get this bill out of committee where it can be passed by both houses and signed into law by the President.

There are two ways to support our effort.  First contact your Congressional Delegate and tell them to get this bill out of committee and 2nd, contribute what you can to see this movie become a reality.



If you haven’t seen the newest yet, WATCH THE TRAILER HERE.

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